My name is Maria and I am so many things. A fashion-lover. A knowledge-seeker. A movie buff. A first generation Ukrainian immigrant. I've always felt that I have a Ukrainian side and an American side. This idea has had substantial impact on how I perceive and express myself. It's taught me to love meshing two different cultures together into one cohesive form.

In the past few years, I've also started to learn more and more about ethical business practices. When I shop I try to keep in mind which brands are being socially responsible. For this reason, I steer clear of make-up brands that test on animals or clothing and accessories that use genuine leather rather than vegan leather. Some may say these are very minor changes but to me, they're still important.

Constructing an outfit is both meditative and exhilarating for me. I have the opportunity to create a look very unique to my own style and present my creative thoughts to everyone I come across. Mood is so important in a look. Athleisure can be one day and tailored professional can be the next. While both looks are suited for different environments, when tailored to my unique taste, I can still feel completely at home in either. 

Fashion is wearable art and you are the blank canvas.

If you've ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin and you wanted to be able to step out and just be confident in your look, fashion can do that for you. My goal is to make everyone feel good through the power of clothes and maybe get you thinking about how to be a more socially responsible buyer. After all, how can anyone be upset when they’re rocking a fabulous ensemble (and making the world a better place while doing it)?

Although clothes are one of my biggest loves, I aim to lead a more adventurous lifestyle. Looking good is always a positive but I want to move beyond materialistic love. I love learning new things, seeing new places, and taking advantage of the opportunities I am afforded. Ultimately, my goal is to leave a lasting impact on the world, whether big or small. I hope that my love of fashion will aid me in doing so.