Distressed out.

I know that there are people who are really into the whole "distressed and destroyed" trend (Kanye, I'm looking at you) and then there are others who absolutely hate it. I'm definitely for it, but only when it's done right. For me that means your entire outfit doesn't look like it's been through the wringer; only part of it. That's what I decided to go for in this look. I have a distressed (men's) tee that I wore with black leggings, black combat boots, and a black (faux) leather jacket. And ya know what it was? Comfy and cute, my favorite combination. Pairing softer pieces (shirt and leggings) with more structured ones (boots and jacket) gives you a fabulous balance as well as giving you a polished look without making you feel like you're walking around in a business suit.

I finally brought up my warm clothes this past weekend and just in time because I was fairly cold tonight walking home from class so it's a good thing I had my jacket and boots to keep me looking fresh and feeling warm. I'm so excited about all of the outfit possibilities at my fingertips.

I'm also really here for the gray and black pairing. Obviously, black looks good with everything and a heather gray makes the outfit more casual, as opposed to a solid gray. I definitely associate heather gray with casual clothing because I think that's really the only type of clothing I've seen it in. Also, the great thing about the leather jacket is that, like other pieces, it can be dressed up or down. I could've easily put on some high-waisted jeans, a bodysuit, and some heels and the jacket still would've polished it off. Versatility is a beautiful thing.


I hope everyone's week has started off beautifully and if not, that it gets better from here on out. It's fall, it's gorgeous, and Thanksgiving (GOAT) is a month-and-a-half away. Stay positive.

Make good choices,