A Bit Rusty.

So here it is. One of my favorite fall colors; rusty red. Or like a copper brown? I don't know. Whichever works for you. I like this look a lot but I would like it even better if the pants were looser in the legs and the bodysuit was cut higher at the leg. I distinctly remember watching Ciara's "Gimmie Dat" music video and instantly loving her bodysuit and baggy jeans combo. I'm pretty sure she was rocking men's jeans and she looked amazing. I'll definitely have to experiment with this concept a bit more to get it looking exactly how I want it. For now I'll have to look like I bought pants that were two sizes too big but I'm okay with it. And with the large crotch.

Khaki green and rusty red are another match made in heaven. I decided to go with nude flats to break it up the slightest bit and ground this look a bit. I'm definitely happy with that choice because I think it pulls the outfit together. Now I just need a nude handbag to match and I'm good to go. Any recommendations??

I have three tests this week. An interview on Wednesday. A paper due next week. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it looks a lot like graduation. Gotta keep on truckin'. 

Make good choices,