This dress. Oh man. Let me tell you. Not only is it cute as hell but it's comfortable and it fits like a glove. The best part of putting this on is zipping it up, looking in the mirror, and being like "Damn, who's that though? Oh wait, that's me." I wore it a couple of months ago to my sister's birthday dinner but I accessorized with heels, big hoops, and I had my hair up in a high bun.

This time I decided to dress it down for a look that I could wear around campus so I opted for my (faux) leather jacket, (faux) leather combat boots and left my hair down since it's getting chillier. Also, I was having a good hair day. But that definitely wasn't taken into consideration. The only other thing I wanted to add was my thin choker but I couldn't find it so please keep me in your prayers and hope that I come across it soon. I have a feeling it fell behind my dresser but my lazy ass hasn't felt like moving it to find out. Maybe some other time when I can be bothered.

Unsurprisingly, I decided to buy this dress in the khaki color. I believe that navy blue, burgundy red, and black were also available but I loved the gold hardware against the black piping and the black against the green. If I had the money though, I would definitely opt to get this in every color. I once read an article about advice that a woman received from her banker boyfriend and the quote that stuck out to me the most was something along the lines of, "If something fits you perfectly, buy it in every color." Obviously he wasn't referring to your typical college student because i have about $20 to my name but hey, goals to aspire to.

One test down. Two to go. I'm typing this at 12:53 am and I'm planning to wake up at six to study. Do you ever just shed a single tear sometimes? But then retract it because you got things to do and little to no time to feel sorry for yourself? Yeah, me too.


Make good choices,