Calm, Cool, and Collected.

This entire week it's supposed to be super cold and I'm extremely excited. I love the cold (to a certain extent). I like being able to walk outside cozied up in a sweater and boots and not be sweating approximately two-and-a-half minutes later. I love today's look because it pairs a warm sweater with a lighter jacket so I was warm but not too warm. I've also been on a no-earring kick lately. I used to feel completely naked without a pair of earrings but now I opt for a necklace or no jewelry at all and I still feel complete. I think the wrap choker adds a nice touch to this particular ensemble though. Would've looked a bit sparse without it.

As for colors, my favorite green made another appearance alongside black and a classic denim blue. I know I've mentioned in the past that I try to keep outfits in a uniform level of brightness (does that sound weird?), so here I opted for a darker overall look. Although, I might experiment with white/khaki pants and end up falling in love. Who knows? Maybe when I'm really hustling and making bank. Or maybe in like a month-and-a-half when i have that birthday money.

Hey. Stay doing you. You got this.

Make good choices,