Men's sweaters that double as dresses? Yeah, I'll take it. This is a long-line sweater from the men's section of Forever21 and it's the perfect length to wear with or without leggings or jeans. I thought it would look super cute with knee-high boots and I was not disappointed. I think an even better look would be with high-heeled knee-high boots, especially ones that are tight on the leg but I'm working with what I have available. I didn't want to keep the entire look monochromatic so I tied a scarf onto my handbag to class things up a bit.

The square satin scarf is a beautiful and versatile addition to any wardrobe. You could tie it on the bag like I did here, tie it around your neck (in a chic, Parisian way), or use it as a headscarf.  I especially love the pattern on this scarf because it's so elegant and the colors are neutral so they're easy to pair with other pieces.

Have a spoopy weekend everyone :)

Make good choices,