BackpackBob Blues.

If I have a chance to break out these shoes, I will absolutely take it. Even better if I can take my Spongebob backpack along for the ride. I think my favorite part about these shoes isn't that they're Penn State colors or that they're super fly, it's that they're super comfortable. They're wedges but they're so cushioned on the inside that I don't even notice the extra elevation.

In order to draw attention to my shoes (or my backpack) I made sure my clothes were as simple as possible so I opted for a blue crewneck and leggings in the same color. This is a good rule of thumb if you have something you want to show off and want to make sure people's eyes stay on it. Definitely works for me. I just can't stop looking at these shoes.

This is also a good time to note that you should be picky about which items you spend more money on (or, in my case of limited funds, invest in). For me that meant spending more on the shoes and less on the clothes because I love a good pair of kicks as well as the ability to mix and match my clothes as much as possible.


I'm gonna be honest folks, it's gonna be a bit of a rough week. It's getting colder and it's getting darker sooner. I'm drowning in work and stress. But. I'm constantly reminded that I'm surrounded by amazing people who want to see me succeed and usually that's enough to keep me going. I hope if you're reading this, you have people like that too.

Make good choices,