Ripped and Refined.

I love this look. If you want to look polished yet casual, this is one look you can go for. The suit jacket, structured handbag, and ballet flats say "Hey, I'm sophisticated" while the ripped jeans, choker, and rolled-up sleeves say "But hey, I'm also casual. Date me." I could see myself wearing this out to dinner or to the movies. It's comfy and cute, my favorite combination.

These jeans are from FashionNova and I can confidently say that I will definitely be ordering more pants from there. These fit me like a glove and they're so stretchy and comfortable. I'm wearing a size 7 and I'm usually a 6 in jeans. The jacket, bag, and flats are all from Target (unsurprisingly).

The suit jacket is definitely a wardrobe essential because it can be worn so many different ways. I bought mine as part of a business suit but I wear it as part of a casual outfit as well (as seen above and below). I feel that if you are going for a casual look, rolling the sleeves up is necessary but if it's chilly or you just prefer the sleeves rolled down, you do you booboo.

One more day of classes to get through. I can't believe it's already the seventh week of the semester. Also can't believe it's October. Time is flying by. Pls stop. But at the same time, I'm excited to finish school and start a career in fashion. Pros and cons, right?

Make good choices,