I Get it From My Mama.

I hope everyone out there is taking advantage of the gold mine that is their parents' closet. I assure you that there's at least one *vintage* piece in there that you can put to work for yourself. My mom has some fabulous sweaters and this is easily one of my favorites. I break it out every fall and I've worn it a million different ways. Now, a million and one.

If you're trying to stay looking chic and warm at the same time, a long cardigan/sweater is a fabulous way to do so, especially when paired with a pair of black pumps. A fabulous alternative would be some black skinny jeans and some thigh-high, high-heeled, black boots. So sleek, so chic. Add a structured handbag and you're good to go. I also opted to accent with red since there's some red detail in the sweater and my nails and lips really make it pop.

Y'all. It is November 1st. It is frigid and sunny and my heart is so big. Also, Thanksgiving is in a few weeks so essentially there's no reason to be upset.

Make good choices,