Call Me Thursday Addams.

Is it just me or has this week been a total drag? I feel like everything is moving in slow motion and I'm kinda just here vegging out. Even though I'm getting things done. It's like I'm stuck in a limbo, and not the fun kind where you show off your flexibility. I think that mood is partially why I chose black as my color of the week. I really don't feel like being particularly colorful. It's the week of Wednesday Addams.

I customized this look in a few different ways to give y'all some ideas about how you might want to wear it yourself. I have the all-black variation; sweater, leggings, heels, bomber, and choker to top it off. Or, I have the addition of the gray cardigan with the black belt and knee-high boots. Also now that I'm looking at my pictures, I lied. There is a pop of red in there on my lips and nails. Oops.


On other note, Thanksgiving is in two weeks so that's something to look forward to. This is always my favorite time of year because everyone tends to be in a better mood with all the holiday cookies and decorations. You just can't be sad when those things are involved.

Make good choices,