Pumpkin Pie.

Happy Thanksgiving beautiful people! I've been looking forward to this particular post because I love this look so much. This will be my outfit for tonight's dinner with the fam. Ivory and cognac brown go so well together and I will take any opportunity I have to pair them together. Plus, they kinda have the pumpkin pie color scheme going on, right???I wanted to add some texture to the look so that's why I went with the ripped jeans. If you want to add distressed to an otherwise elegant look, make sure most other facets in your outfit are polished so that it doesn't look like you just threw something together last minute.


I chose a loose blouse and stretchy jeans so nobody will see the food baby that will inevitably show up tonight :)

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy some great food and good times with their family and friends today. By that I mean hopefully politics doesn't come up and we can all get along for a day. Have a fabulous day and an even better week!

Make good choices,