Leather + Sweater Weather.

You can tell there's only two weeks left in the semester because I'm wearing my dad's old sweater and trying to dress it up...but I think I kinda succeeded, no? Sort of a shabby chic look? It's warm, it's comfy, it's cute. My criteria are met so I'm happy. I think a tight black skirt or a ballerina skirt also would've looked pretty sweet here. Sometimes I'll put together an outfit and it's completely black so I gotta kinda step back and be like, "hm, maybe add some color so it doesn't look like you're going to a funeral?" Black is bae though, black is bae. I added a pop of color with the red lipstick and nails and opted for a high bun since the sweater is high cut and completely covers my shoulders. Also, I didn't want to die of heat stroke by leaving my hair down while wearing a thick sweater. So there's that.

Right now the only image that's going through my head is Ice Cube in 21 Jump Street. No particular scene, just his persona. Because that's me right now. Annoyed and trying to get things done. Two more weeks. Two. More. Weeks. Love y'all, stay beautiful.

Make good choices,