I decided to do something a little different this way and show two different looks that are similar to each other. You can thank my roommate Irene for this spark of inspiration. I know a lot of people have some issues with turtlenecks but I'm a big fan of them when done right. So chic, so warm, so turtle-y.

I paired my trust faux leather pants with a turtleneck, a statement necklace, and some heels. I think this is a look that works for a night out on the town and if you swap out the heels for flats, it could be a casual weekend outfit as well. Add some clean white kicks and a camel-colored belted coat and you've got yet another casual look.

I also experimented with a skirt and a leather jacket and I honestly am not sure which look I personally like better. I feel like the skirt ensemble also works as a going-out outfit so it really just depends if you wanna worry about range of movement when you're on your third glass of wine.

I hope everyone went out and voted today! I did for the first time and I feel like a full-fledged adult. Now I just gotta figure out how taxes work and I'm set.

Make good choices,