Pink Camel.

I live for the holiday season because there are so many parties and events to attend meaning there are so many looks that need to be constructed and shown to the world. This is something a bit more formal and something I would probably wear to a sit-down dinner rather than a party where people are standing and turning up. I really wanted to incorporate this coat into a look because I think it's basically one of the best things ever. It's soft and wool-like on the outside and silky on the inside, plus it's pretty warm, especially if worn with a scarf. I was also a bit skeptical about wearing my cognac brown heels with the blush pink dress but I'm loving how it looks and I think that's because these tones are a bit more neutral so they go well together. I finished off the look with a statement necklace and some simple earrings to match. If you have a statement necklace, this is absolutely the time to bring it out and flaunt it. Own. That. Shit.

All I'm thinking about right now is getting through this week is the dress I ordered for my New Year's look and I'm so pumped to put together that particular look. One more week of classes and I'm home free for a month aka right now it's time to shift into maximum overdrive.

Make good choices,