Jumpin' Jumpin'.

With all of the dresses I've been posting, I figured I should switch things up a bit and throw in jumpsuit, just for kicks. This idea also made me realize I need more special occasion jumpsuits. I figured I'd also add in the statement necklace I bought a little bit ago since the jumpsuit is off-the-shoulder. I'm always feelin' myself in jumpsuits and rompers though. Why? What is the secret ingredient?? Is it the free range of motion while I'm looking this good? Possibly. My favorite Calvin Klein heels add the perfect finishing touch; they're the absolute best because they can be dressed up or down (which y'all know I love).

At this moment I'm just kinda amazed that 2016 is really over in nine days. I'm reflecting on all of the good times I've had (and all the food I've eaten, of course). Many lessons were learned this year and I hope to learn many more in 2017. It's so wild looking back at your life and seeing how things fell into place as well as realizing how many blessings in disguise appeared. I'll probably post something much more significant next Thursday, for the last post of the year.

Thank you for making this journey with me thus far. I love you.

Make good choices,