Get It Right.

I cannot even explain how much I love the leggings/knee-high boots/knotted tee look. It looks so so chic and polished. And pretty hot, let's be real. I got this fabulous sleeveless trench at Target from the WhoWhatWear collection and it's made so well. The entire line is high quality, stylish, and fairly affordable if you want a designer look without the designer price. The leggings are from Necessary Clothing - they're fleecy on the inside so I'll be wearing them basically every day when the semester starts and it's approximately twenty degrees on a daily basis. I need a tight black turtleneck so I can actually wear this "coat" (I use that term loosely here) while it's still cold out. I'm seeing fashion bloggers wearing these now and I'm sitting here like...I'm tryna look cute but I'm not tryna die so...I also just ordered a skin-tight pair of heeled thigh-highs so I can assure you that there will be another fabulous look similar to this one.

I hope everyone's Christmas went well and that your Hannukah/rest of your holidays are currently going well. I definitely feel that as I've gotten older, I've started caring less about receiving material things and more about just being in the company of family and friends, watching movies, sharing meals - that kinda stuff. Make the most of every moment.

Make good choices,