Red Red Wine.

Every time I hear UB40 I think of Lilo and Stitch even though the cover used in the movie isn't half as good as the original. So basically listening to UB40 makes me miss my childhood. The connection between the band and today's post is the skirt I'm wearing so I did have a point here somewhere.

I paired black and burgundy for what I guess is a vixen type of of vibe? For a grown-up holiday party??? Although I will say I wish that either the skirt didn't have the twist detail or that the bodysuit wasn't lace-up. The two different details kinda don't do it for me but I love the colors and general idea other than that. I think some heeled booties would look even better but I haven't acquired any (yet). I opted for statement earrings rather than a statement necklace because I put my hair half up and I wanted to elongate my neck and draw the eye upward. There is a science to every outfit.

One day down, three to go until I'm home free. Finals are next week but I have six papers due this week as well as an exam so basically keep me and every other college student in your prayers.

Make good choices.