Kool in Khaki Green.

I'm trying real hard to look cute cause I just ate enough food for five.

I could rave about this beautiful shade of green all day. I think that after black and white, this is my favorite color to wear. It pairs really well with my dark brown hair and I know this to be fact because mother nature made trees in the same fashion and they do their aesthetic thing pretty well. So. You can't argue with me there.

The dress itself (and the choker) is from my absolute favorite online clothing store, Boohoo. They have so many great pieces and they are constantly having sales. When I say constantly, I mean literally every day. The fabulous thing about this piece is that it can be styled up or down. In these photos I'm wearing it out to dinner so I added some heels and cute clutch but you could just as easily dress it down with some casual kicks and an oversized jacket. I'll probably do that at some point. 

If you've never visited Boohoo's site, here's the link. For any of my male readers, they also sell men's clothes which are of equally good quality. I know because I've tested them myself :)

And there's the visage. Can I just say that I finally figured out how to do my brows exactly how I like them? I used NYX's Eyebrow Shaper, Tinted Brow Mascara in Espresso, and Eyebrow Cake Powder in Dark Brown. I could just put on foundation and brows and be satisfied...but I like to be just a bit more extra. I also tried out the Liquid Suede Lipstick in Foiled Again and it's so pigmented and rich, I loved it right away. I wanted to do a pop of color and the orange hue looked so good with the dress that I made a mental note to combine orange and khaki green more in future outfits. I also tried out NYX's lashes and they quickly became my favorite pair that I've worn so far. Super light and flirty and not too overbearing. This is easily my favorite brand of makeup because it's cruelty-free. A significant number of their products are also vegan (or so I've read) so that's another huge plus. I'll definitely do another post in the future about some other makeup lines I love.  I just have so much appreciation for this one. Thanks NYX, you da bomb. 

I don't work on these glutes for nothing.

To close this one out, I'm going to ask what your most versatile piece of clothing is and how you style it. Leave your response (and any questions) in the comments below! 

Make good choices,