Beat the Heat.

Don't ask why I look so mad because I'm not sure either. I'm smiling inside, I promise.

The bodysuit. A blessing and a curse. Pros: cute, comfy, doesn't ride up, and available in many colors and styles for many different occasions. Cons: super annoying if it doesn't have a snap closure because you basically end up naked when you have to use the bathroom. This one has a snap closure so we're good and it's a gorgeous rust color that will transition easily into the fall. Also, I've been wanted to try out a deep plunge neck so this was perfect. It's from Boohoo (surprise, surprise) and it was less than fifteen dollars. I decided to put on some white kicks and pair those with a white handbag. My shoes and my bag have to match or I'll get uncomfortable cause the aesthetic is off.

I also had the perfect necklace hanging around to use with this bodysuit. It's a y-neck and perfectly accents the deep plunge. Because my necklace was so long, I went simple with my earrings and decided to just do some small huggies. I'll definitely do a post on my jewelry essentials in the future. 

For today's look, I kept the makeup super simple. Classic cat eye and NYX's chubby lip pencil. I'm still perfecting my liner looks. Or rather, I've been perfecting my liner looks for the past year. For some reason, that still gives me the most trouble. Also, I'm wearing the highly popular Too Faced "Better Than Sex" mascara. I like it for the volume it gives me but I'm still debating whether or not I like it better than Pacifica's mascara which I at least equally adore. Too Faced's mascara is vegan friendly (as is Pacifica's) so that earns it another check on my list. 

Just as a quick note, my posting has been somewhat sporadic because I've only just started this out but I think from now on I'll be posting twice a week on Monday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Friday so that my blog works around my upcoming class schedule. Thank you for sticking it out with me as I try to work the kinks out <3

What is your personal favorite mascara or make-up product and why? Leave your response in the comments below!!

As always, make good choices,