Electric Blue Baby.

Do you ever put something on and wonder why you don't wear it more often? Yeah, that was me with these shoes. They're so funky and comfortable yet I've worn them only a handful of times. So yesterday I pulled them out to add some height without resorting to a heel and voila, this happened. 

When I do wear color, I like it to be vivid and bright so naturally I looked to a dress with like five different colors and a pattern resembling a tapestry. It gave me the perfect opportunity to pull out a ribbon I have and use it as a choker, just because I also had eyeliner that perfectly matched. I went wild with the electric blue because life is short so why not?

Also, new favorite color combo: this blue and a bright orange. Might as well go all out, ya know? I went to the grocery store in this outfit and I think some people were confused by why I looked like I was about to brunch in the Mediterranean. I like to live every day like I'm on some beautiful private beach that the paparazzi aren't invited to (but they show up anyway). 

My sister gave me the dress so I'm not certain about its origin but I'm guess Marshalls/TJMaxx. The shoes are from Target and the handbag is my one and only white purse, my Steve Madden. 

I'm going to be honest, my favorite part of this look wasn't even the dress. Or the shoes. Or the purse. Scroll down three pictures and you'll see why. 

Do y'all see this eyeliner? And this lipstick?? 

And you know I had to do a close-up. But can you really blame me? THAT. POINT. Ugh. It could kill. 

Overall, I definitely had a lot of fun with this outfit and it's definitely my personal favorite so far. Cause who doesn't like a good ol' eye-piercing bright? (Hint: not me). 

As always, make good choice,