All Choked Up.

Chokers are the accessory of the moment. They can quickly polish off an outfit whether it's dressy or casual. If I'm rocking a tee and some comfy shorts, I'll put on my plain black choker but if I'm feeling fancy I'll put on one with a gem or some sort of embellishment. I also think that chokers are a great option when I'm wearing a high-necked shirt or dress but still want to accessorize. 

The thickness of a choker also plays an important part in the dynamics of an outfit. If you're wearing something like a tube top or anything strapless then a thick choker would be a fabulous addition. It'll be the perfect touch and it will visually balance you from the waist up. I personally feel that wearing a thick choker with a high cut top looks cluttered and busy so I stay away from doing that. Basically, you can never go wrong with a thin choker but be careful when putting on a thick one. 

I decided to go for a pop of color with the makeup today and for some reason purple really spoke to me. This lip color is NYX suede cream in "Run the World" and it's absolutely fabulous. Super pigmented, rich, and glides on easily. I also thought being extra would be fun so I put some glitter eyeliner under my eyebrows. Totally casual. I think I'll definitely be using bright lipsticks among my more neutral outfits to make them a bit more fun. 

As always, make good choices,