Bread and butter.


I'm going to preface this post by saying that this past week (especially weekend) has been hectic. I spent three days packing, driving, and unpacking my stuff in my home for the next nine months. For this reason, I didn't have time to do a full outfit post because it requires a bit of planning BUT I do have the opportunity to focus on something else I've wanted to talk about for a bit; my jewelry essentials. 

These are my favorite and most worn pieces from my collection of jewelry. I think they're pretty swell, hopefully you do too. 

I think the hoops are probably my accessory of choice, no matter the outfit. I have a pair in silver and a pair in rose gold so that I can match with whatever I'm wearing. Hoops are fabulous because they can be dressed up or down so I can throw them on if I'm heading to class or if I'm going out to dinner with friends.

A close second are my CZ (Cubic Zirconia) studs and dangles. They're timeless, cute, and like the hoops, can be dressed up or down. I definitely recommend putting a little more money into these because CZ will look much better than a $10 pair with fake stones. 

My little CZ hoops are also great if you have multiple holes in one ear. I purchased two pairs (one in silver, one in rose gold) and I like to wear them together since I have two holes in my ear. Wearing multiple earrings looks chic if you can match all of them well and it means you don't have to wear other jewelry because your ears will be decorated af. 

The pearls, like the CZ studs, are timeless. They will look good with anything and I generally wear this if my outfit has white in it or if I'm wearing business professional attire. If I know I'm donning a suit then I'll throw on my pearl necklace as well because it always looks very classy and really polishes off a look. 

On the left I have my two favorite pendant necklaces. One is a gold vermeil and sterling silver boxing glove and the other is a sterling silver "M". These look cute when they're worn together or separately. They're my go-to's if I'm wearing something casual and want to add more of a "me" touch to the ensemble. 

I'm hoping that next week when I'm completely settled in I'll return to posting entire outfits but for this week I think I'll focus on accessories. I'm big on quality over quantity so I figured that I'd do one substantial visual instead of multiple photos of something I just threw together. If you read this far, thank you and I love you (seriously). 

As always, make good choices,