Colorblock Party.


I feel like in the past two weeks I've been running a nonstop marathon consisting of college-related, apartment-related obstacles. It's been absolutely crazy. Things are settling down a bit and I'm slowly falling into my weekly routine. With everything that's been going on, I decided to go for a very laid-back look today. Super simple and comfy for running errands (which I've been doing since Sunday). 

Here's that beautiful rust color again paired with some olive green shorts. The shoes and handbag pop against the more neutral tones, which is exactly why I chose them as accessories. I also love the fact that each item is completely one color with no patterns. Like I said, super simple. 


How do y'all like my homemade signage? :D

I feel like this look is something out of a 90's movie. Maybe if I had been born like fifteen years earlier, I could've been a 90's star cause that is definitely the aesthetic here. To keep with the simplicity, I only wore hoops today and I think it looked totally fine. 

I'm wearing a men's shirt with this outfit (surprise, surprise) and that gave me the freedom to knot it in the front. I later tucked it into my shorts for a makeshift "cinched waist" look since the band of the shorts is at my waist. With some low-cut boyfriend jeans, the front of this top could be tucked in for another casual look, or tucked all the way in with some curve-hugging jeans. Either way, the color is definitely now one of my favorites and it'll transition beautifully into fall. 

As always, make good choices,