Rizzo Reimagined.

Clownin' around because my sister makes faces as I pose.

So hear me out. I think that if Rizzo (I won't even specify because you should definitely know who that is) had longer hair and wore high-tops, this is something she would've sported. I even have the cute bomber jacket...although I will admit the "Pink Ladies" embroidery on hers gives me major aesthetic envy. Goals to work up to. 

Anyway. Chucks. Converse. High-tops. Whatever you wanna call 'em, they're a wardrobe staple. I only have this red pair but it's enough to create an athleisure look for a laid-back day or to add a pop of color to a more dressed-up ensemble. I was headed to dinner and a movie with the fam so this outfit was both chic and comfortable.

I've also worn these with a considerably more formal dress for a school-related ceremony as well as with black leggings and a sweatshirt and both looks looked equally bomb. As long as you own your look, everything else will work itself out. 

One tip I have for when you're creating an outfit that's mostly black or neutral tones: choose one color and add small pops of it throughout. I have the red chucks, the red wristlet, and if you have hawk-like vision, you can see my nails are also painted red. For me personally, if I'm sporting a look that consists of a t-shirt/tank and shorts (or a short dress), I'll probably go with black accessories. But, because I had a black jacket and a dress that covered a fair amount of skin, I feel like adding black accessories would've been overwhelming. I usually leave those looks for fall and winter. 

There's probably a mathematical equation out there that can determine when the cut-off point is for black accessories vs. colored accessories. I don't know it, but I'm sure there's a Stephen Hawking/Tyra Banks demigod out there who does. 

The smolder.

I'm so drained from classes already and it's only the second week. Just three more months, right? I hope everyone else's semesters/jobs/lives are going at least as well as mine. Hard work will (almost) always pay off. #laughtokeepfromcrying

As always, make good choices,