Fawning over Florals.

Flowers are the absolute shit. They smell good and they look good (like me most days). Like other patterns, you can pair big florals with small florals and pull it off. Since black is my go-to I just went with a bomber jacket and some slip ons but you could easily dress this up with some black heels and a duster jacket.

Speaking of jackets, the bomber is definitely a wardrobe essential because you can wear it with so many different things. As seen here, you could style it with a dress or you could wear it with jeans, a skirt, or even some skinny sweats. Pro tip: there are ways to visually balance your outfit to make it look good. I personally have three different combinations I go for.

  1. Tight/Tight: Tight top, tight bottoms. If you want to show off your bod, this is obviously the way to go.
  2. Tight/Loose: Tight top, loose bottoms OR loose top, tight bottoms. I think of this as the chic yet comfy option. You have some room to play with but because tighter clothes appear more tailored, you still look good. 

If I go for the loose/loose combo, I'm either at home or having a bad day. Or I had too much pasta. 

When your hair refuses to cooperate so you gotta take the bun out. 

I wore this look out to the movies (saw Bad Moms and it was totally kickass) and it was super comfy. Also, there was no awkward "I need a jacket cause the theater gets cold but it'll clash with my outfit". In other words, a good night. 

Make good choices,