Shamelessly re-wearing this outfit so I can use it for the blog. 

Folks, my hair is looking absolutely amazing today. I'm also wearing this cheetah-print romper because I'm still holding on to the dream of being part of the Cheetah Girls. I was the fifth girl who didn't make it during auditions. 

I live for rompers during the summer. They're like dresses in the sense that you don't have to match things together and can just throw them on but they're a little better because you can also move in any which way and not worry about flashing anyone. The only con is that you gotta completely strip down when you need to go to the bathroom. (Insert relatable meme here)

When it gets a bit cooler, this romper could be paired with a jacket and some combat boots, maybe a long-sleeve underneath as well. Although, I'd have to visually experiment with that. Ever since I started paying for my own clothes, I've realized how essential it is that different components of my wardrobe can be mixed and matched as well as worn throughout the year. I am beyond ready for fall to start so that I can walk outside without being swarmed by bugs and nasty humidity.


Honestly, my hair is behaving so well today. 

I had such a good weekend and its beautiful outside so I'm ending today on a high note. I hope this upcoming week is absolutely fabulous for you all. 

Make good choices,