Bo$$ Lady.

Well, the career fair was today. I put on my big girl clothes and spoke with corporate recruiters about the joys of an adult career. I looked good but my poor, poor feet...they suffered. Picture me after the fair, getting off the bus with my jacket slung over my arm and my heels in my hand. The only thing between my foot and the pavement was a brave, sheer layer of pantyhose. It was still better than the heels though. Pro tip: either break your shoes ALL the way in, or just wear your flats. I'm still crying on the inside.

My favorite part of putting on a suit is how chic it looks. Plus, it's so easy to put a professional look together if you have a suit. All you have to do is add a cute blouse and matching heels and voila, you look like one of the few female CEO's of a Fortune 500 company. The shade is mighty fine on hot days like this. 

Another pro tip: Black suit with black shoes. Navy suit with brown shoes. Gray suit with black shoes. Sometimes, depending on how lenient your office is or what position you're interviewing for, a pop of color could be added, whether in your shoes, accessories, or makeup. I've probably mentioned it before but figured I'd bring it up as a reminder.

I personally prefer wearing my sleeves rolled up because I don't want them to get caught on anything or get them wet or dirty (plus I think it looks nicer than having the sleeves down). Tell me that doesn't look cute. (...but don't actually tell me. Keep that to yourself.)

As I've mentioned in the business casual post, neutral/simple makeup is the way to go for professional events. As for hair, I prefer to keep it back so that it doesn't get in my way and I'm not constantly tucking it behind my ear. I love slicked back ponies as well as high buns. I was disappointed today when I realized I left my hair donut at home so I had to go with the ponytail instead. I wept. As a final touch, I have my trusty pearl studs, which are my go-to for business events. Sometimes I'll wear the necklace as well but I felt it would look too busy with my outfit so I opted out. 

Until next week, beautiful people,

Make good choices,