Everyday Black.

I'm going to make this short, sweet, and to the point because I'm running on four hours of sleep and three agave-soaked waffles.

Black is always in, we know this to be fact. This means that I can wear my black bodysuit with my black leggings, throw my black windbreaker over and have it look like I'm about to do some hot yoga in an overpriced downtown LA studio. I have full range of motion and still I manage to look good because of how well black and I get along. I'm sure you two are already friends but I can introduce you if you'd like.  I slicked the top part of my hair back in keeping with the clean-cut look I have going here and decided to put on just the one pair of earrings, in regard to accessories.

As a side note, I'm definitely trying to be more socially/ethically aware of where my clothes are coming from. For this reason, I'm very wary of buying anything from Nike at the moment, and really, until they clean their act up more. I bought these sneakers a little over a year ago and that point I will admit I knew that Nike had had some ethical supply-chain problems but I hadn't really acted on it. Now I actively seek out alternative brands to wear, especially if I'm looking for leather (or in my case, vegan leather) shoes. Apparently Nike has been making some sort of progress (See here) but I think I'll wait until I see a breakthrough in their supply-chain (and other) practices.

One of the reasons I want to become very successful in the fashion industry is so I can help to transform how we create and think of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Of course I want to look good but I don't want my clothing to cost someone their life or force them to work a non-livable wage. Baby steps toward progress.


I'm looking at all of the work I have to do and silently weeping on the inside.

Well, it seems we've reached the end of our journey for today. Also, I've decided to switch up my posting days from Monday and Wednesday to Tuesday to Thursday, just because it works better with my schedule. Stay beautiful everyone.

Make good choices,