Grain of Gold.

Y'all. I had a blast creating this look. Actually, I'm not even going to say look, I'm going to say concept. I think I'll start putting together concepts that I don't plan on wearing just yet but want to use for future looks.

I'm laughing to myself right now because that "clutch" I'm holding is my pencil case for class. You know, just in case I need to do write an essay while I'm out with friends. It matched my outfit though (and I don't have a gold clutch...or rather, didn't) so here I am now, still amazed that I thought to do this.

The jacket I'm wearing is from the men's section of Forever21 and khaki green with gold so I wanted to focus on that as an accent color. I'm debating if I like the shirt and shorts together in this look. I'm a bit limited because I haven't brought my fall clothes up to my apartment yet so I'm working with what I have. But again, it's a concept so I'm not too worried.

Another thing I did a bit differently was doubling my necklace instead of wearing it longer. I never thought to do that with this piece so I was kinda excited to see that it looked good.

I loved the gold accents so much I carried them through to my makeup. My NYX eyeliner was used not only for the eyes but also as a stripe on my lips. I've been seeing that trend and loved it so decided I'd try it out. Also, the buns. I need my hair to grow out some more so they look fluffier. But other than that, life is good.

Make good choices,