I Keep on Fallin'...

The outside temperature was lower than 70 degrees today. Fall is very much alive. I was also looking back on my week and I have not had to set an alarm for the past five days. It'll be seven days because my first class tomorrow is cancelled and I don't have class on Wednesdays. I am so blessed in this life.

With the temperature dip, I couldn't wear shorts to class today so I finally got to put on jeans and layer tops. I. LOVE. LAYERING. I also love fall colors so, so much. The rusty reds and deep burgundies, the olive and hunter greens, the navy blues and mustard yellows. I am so ready for this season.

I decided to keep the overall look fairly simple in terms of patterns and opted to colorblock. The key here is to incorporate colors that are of similar brightnesses. What I mean by that is I tend to pair light colors with light and dark with dark. For example, I wouldn't have worn this olive green long-sleeve if it had been a neon green because the shirt and jeans are of a darker color. I felt that because the clothes were darker, a pop of white contrasted beautifully so that's why I opted for the white kicks and bag.