Be Yoncé.

If you direct your attention this way, you'll see me wearing i-don't-even-know-what. Basically I asked myself, "What would Beyoncé put on if she were leaving her hotel and knew the paparazzi were watching?". This is what I came up with. (I think she would've worn heels though). It was her 35th yesterday so I figured I would do a little shout-out with my ensemble.

And here you can see mother nature coming all the way through. 

I started from the pants and used their color scheme. The white tee and shoes balance the outfit visually and the blue bag and pink necklace are solid pops of color. This is definitely a bit more on the eclectic side. I absolutely love it. 

The great part about fashion is you can pull two or three or four very different items together and make it work. You just gotta believeeeeeee. 

Also, the curls are absolutely out of control, but what else is new?

I hope everyone's long weekend is treating them well. I was definitely able to catch up on some homework and some much-needed I could exhaust myself with more homework this week. College life. 

Make good choices,