Stomping Ground.

I feel like it's been a while since I've put together a casual look so really let this one soak in. You got your unlaced combat boots, ripped jeans, and graphic tee. Throw on your favorite structured coat and statement necklace to polish it off and you're good to go. The tee was $3 on clearance in the men's section at Target so obviously I had to snatch it up and add it to my collection. The boots are from LolaShoetique which has a ton of super cute and fairly affordable shoes. These, by the way, are extremely comfortable and each shoe was packaged in a separate mesh bag (boujee af and I loved every moment of it). Side note, looking at these photos is weird for me because after wearing heels for so many of my posts, I feel like I look so short. Who dat? Oh, dat me.

When it's already the end of the second week of classes and you're like "holy shit, where is time going???" Stay focused, stay productive.

Make good choices,