Do What You Want.

So you know that rule that goes, "Don't wear white after Labor Day?" I don't know who made it up but I'd like to let them know that they were WRONG. If I had a fabulous all-white getup and it's the middle of January, you best believe I will be strutting my stuff down the streets in that shit. I haven't reached the stage yet where I have entire outfits in the same color but I'm aspiring to be there soon. For this look, I tried to keep white a prominent color and accent with beige and a khaki green. I love how the shirt flows into the pants; it keeps the look flowy yet cohesive.

It is snowy and slushy outside and it makes for a great view when you're sitting indoors but walking around in it absolutely sucks. I need it to be mid-March, like immediately. I hope everyone is experiencing better weather days than I am. Also, this semester is going to be a bit tougher and time-consuming for me and I will continue to update the blog, but I think I'm going to post one of my own looks once a week and then scour the interwebs to put together another look to take the place of the second post. Please bear with me during these next few months. Love y'all.

Make good choices,