So here it is. I ordered three pairs of these magnificent leggings from FashionNova; one in navy blue, one in wine red, and one in khaki green. They're super duper soft, stretchy, and fleece-lined ($7 a pair!!) so I'll essentially be living in them for the next two months. And then there was the clearance rack at Target so y'all know I had to jump on that. $10 for this drapey turtleneck. It too, is soft as a baby's bottom. This is one of those looks you wear to a Friday night dinner when you wanna look sophisticated but you'll also need room for the food baby that will, inevitably, grow inside you.

I am so ready to slay this final semester. Submitted my intent to graduate today so all that's left is these last few credits and I'm home free. #Blessed

Make good choices,