Executive Elegance.

I love the feeling a suit gives me. In the time span of one minute I can go from looking like I just rolled out of bed to Sheryl Sandberg at an executive meeting. I’m a strong believer that your appearance dictates confidence as well as how others perceive you and a pantsuit makes me feel like I’m ready to close $10 million deals. I do always like to let a bit of my personality shine through so typically, in a business suit, the blouse I’m wearing is charged with this task. I’ve made a previous post about a skirtsuit (though I prefer pants) and I mentioned that I keep my earrings (and necklace if I’m wearing one) very simple; either studs or small hoops.

No matter which suit you decide to go for, making sure it fits properly makes a huge difference between looking like a professional and someone who haphazardly threw something on. I personally prefer straight-leg pants or some sort of cut that fits a bit more snugly than a flare pant would, but in the summertime, I think a flare would be a bit more comfortable in terms of remaining cool. As for colors, sticking to neutrals is always a good choice but if you work in a more creative/flexible environment then experimentation with color is a fabulous idea.

My camera wasn't working properly so I had to shoot these on my iPhone (insert passive-aggressive upside-down smiley face here).

Make good choices,