Analytics for Parsons. (It's pretty interesting).

My assignment requires the following: "Write a short blog post about your audience — who visits, where they come from, what time of day, and so on (even if there are only a few visitors)."

Analytics are vital to understanding how to best reach a target group. If an individual or a group can understand what content their followers respond to most, they can then post more similar content to increase traffic.

Concerning this blog, most visitors use a mobile device rather than a computer to view my content. I chose Squarespace because it offers a mobile-friendly layout when you use its themes. Just under half of my visitors on mobile use an iOS device so compatibility with Apple devices is also a must.

I checked out which countries the people visiting my blog are from and while I wasn't suprised to find that the vast majority were from the US, there were also some visitors from Italy, China, Canada, and Pakistan. I think that's absolutely amazing, having the ability to create content that people thousands of miles away can see.

In addition, most people tend to visit my site in the late evening or early morning, I'm guessing because there is more time to unwind because people are home from work. My two biggest referrers for the blog are Facebook and Instagram so I need to focus on increasing traffic from those two sources (and using my Twitter account regularly).

On Facebook I've been able to reach about 1,100 people in the past month and, again, most of them have used a mobile device to access the page. There aren't many other statistics available about my Facebook page and it's relatively new, only a month old.

My Instagram is slowly gaining traction. I've had it for a couple of years but since I started my blog last July, I've seen a substantial increase in my number of followers and likes. My most-liked posts are ones that feature me in the outfits I put together for my blog. My Instagram followers are mostly from the US but I also have followers from Mexico, Pakistan, Morocco, Ukraine, and Russia. I'm hoping to take advantage of the fact that I am bilingual in the future as I improve my Russian and am hopefully able to create captions in two languages in order to reach a broader audience. The only thing I wish I could see is engagement based on gender; I assume more women than men find my content interesting but I would love to know for sure.

Overall, I think more activity on Twitter, more professional shots, and continued posting of my outfits should continue to increase my following.

Ain't analytics great?