It's sunny and warm and beautiful out and I'm stuck inside working on midterm assignments so   on the outside, I'm happy and grinning but on the inside, I'm................also happy and grinning but also doing the eye roll emoji for the next week-and-a-half. My roommate's birthday was yesterday and we went out for drinks so I just threw something together real quick. And by something, I'm referring to my clothes and not the makeup and hair (that almost always refuses to cooperate) that took me roughly an hour. Military green and cognac brown are forever one of my favorite combinations and anything distressed ties in super well. Every time I put these jeans on I tell myself I need more from FashionNova. 

I've realized that taking life week by week allows me to be the most productive...but with four tests and a paper due next week, sometimes you have to start worrying early. So that'll be me. For the next week. (Eight days until spring break ).

Make good choices,