Street Style.

So there's like a foot or two of snow outside and I can't wait til it's warm enough for me to actually dress like these photos. A super easy way to polish off a casual look is throw on a trench coat. Even if you're wearing (tasteful) sweats and a (fashionable) pair of kicks, you can throw on a trench and make it work. Looking at these makes me wish I had pink pants. Or a pink trench. Or both. In due time, I guess. Pro tip: roll up your pant legs slightly if they're too long or just don't have the cut you want at the bottom. By that I mean (in my case) if they're more of a straight cut than a skinny cut. Straight leaves some room around my ankles and I'm not a fan of that so I cuffed them.

Going through a really weird phase of my life right now. I graduate in three months and I feel like I'm ready but at the same time completely unprepared. I'm focusing on myself right now and improving in all areas of my life but I feel like because classes are my number one priority, everything else kinda takes a back seat. But not really? It's just so weird. Like a state of limbo.

Make good choices,