Talk to Me About It.

Never have I wanted a pair of turquoise/seafoam green pumps more than I did in this moment. They would've looked fabulous with the skinny belt. Sometimes I look at my business suit and I think, "I need to inject some color and style into this". And that's how this look was born. I loved the jacket and the dress together but something was missing and that's when I remembered I had the belt. Ugh. Dreaming of those shoes. (And maybe a bag too?). Also, in an ideal world, my hair would be in a chic french twist or in a polished high bun. But this isn't an ideal world. And I also haven't learned how to do either yet. (Oops.)

I'm trying out a new skincare routine and I think it's going fairly well for me, especially given how dry and cold it is outside. My skin is feeling baby soft and I think my acne scarring is going away. Do you have a favorite skincare product or a routine that you feel works great for you? Leave a comment :)

Make good choices,