Easygoing Elegance.

This is probably one of my favorite looks that I've put together, except looking at it now, I probably would've switched the bodysuit for a white cami. The gray is kinda throwing me off a bit but I still like the variety of neutrals. I wanted to convey a very casual vibe but not too casual; something you could wear out and still look put together. I'm thinking of this as a Sunday brunch kinda look where you feel like putting on your lounging clothes and then you decide to throw in heels and a structured trench so you look like you put thought into your outfit. The perfect balance between mellow and elegant. I got the bodysuit and pants on clearance at New York & Company, which, by the way, has absolutely amazing sales and clothing quality. I definitely recommend checking them out. 

The sun is blessing us with more and more of its light and my mood is lifting with each and every passing day. I guess the fact that graduation is just over a month away also helps.

Make good choices,