Have you ever wondered what a product goes through before it ends up on the shelves of your favorite beauty store? Obviously, to make sure that cosmetics and similar products are safe for human consumption, they must first be tested in a lab. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, this means that animal welfare is at stake as rabbits, mice, and other animals are used as test subjects for products in development. Currently, when I shop for products, I almost exclusively steer towards those that are marked cruelty-free and, preferably, vegan. DERMA-E and Earth Therapeutics are two brands I've come across that are both good for you and good for animals. 

The DERMA-E Facial Scrub is made up of super super fine (hence the microdermabrasion part) pieces of dead sea salt and volcano sand, which are blended with citrus oil. A little bit goes a long way so the bottle lasts a few months if you use the scrub once a week. I'm personally in the process of repairing my skin and using minimal products to regulate its pH again (used wayyyy too many products) so I cleanse with water and use this scrub at the end of the week for a deeper clean. If you want to purchase it for yourself, you can find it here.

The Earth Therapeutics cooling foot scrub is an instant favorite of mine. I used it once and was hooked. I needed something to smooth out my feet a bit (the winter months sucked out some moisture) so I bought a pumice stone and this scrub. It's super easy to use and my feet felt very soft after my first use. I recommend following up the scrub with a lotion made specially for feet since they tend to be a bit thicker than regular lotion. If you want to purchase it for yourself, click here.

If you want to read more about animal testing, visit The Humane Society's site here.

Make good choices,