I'm ecstatic. I've finally gotten my hands on a pair of high-waisted denim shorts that fits me well so I will definitely be putting together a number of new looks I've been wanting to try out. As with many of the pieces in my wardrobe, I believe denim shorts can be dressed up or down. This is something I'd wear if I'm going out with friends or on a date during the summer. If you have a pair of these shorts and some heels or wedges, you can instantly add some glamour to your look. I also decided to put on some statement earrings to bring up the glam factor a bit more. The bodysuit is from one of my favorite collections, WhoWhatWear, which is a available at Target. Another thing I love about this look is the skinny belt that I feel ties it all together. Next mission is to try out these shorts with a wider belt. 

How do you like to wear your denim shorts? Let me know in the comments :)

Make good choices,