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Jumping to Conclusions.

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I don't have too much to say about this look. It's quick, it's casual, it's killer. Is this a "when you got a baseball game at four and tequila shots with your girls at five" look? Probably. Should you casually slip the jersey off so that you can show off the booty you've been working on in the gym? Absolutely. If I had more gold bracelets and the ability to throw my hair up in a fantastic messy bun, I'd probably polish the look off with those. Y'all know I love men's clothes so I obviously had to throw the jersey in and I love my clear heels because they go with A-N-THING.

I've pulled together some pieces that are similar to mine (in case you wanna recreated this look) so make sure to check those out at the bottom of the post :)

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Watching the news right now and hearing about everyone bracing for Hurricane Irma. If you're in one of the hurricane zones, stay safe! Sending positive thoughts your way.

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